SWArchitects was founded by Dr. Song Wei and Dr. Tian Weijia. The office locates at Shanghai. Projects mainly focus on architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. In the meanwhile, two founders participate many exhibition curating, researching projects all over the world. Song Wei and Tian Weijia both graduated from ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture, Catalonia University of Technology in Spain. Their works mainly focus on the renovation of historic buildings in the central urban areas of large cities and the practice in rural areas. The team has its own characteristics in terms of activating site characteristics, multi-use of materials and low-tech and low-cost control. They have been invited to participate in the three SUSAS Shanghai Urban Space Art Seasons of 2015, 2017 and 2019, the 2017 Busan Shanghai International Architecture Exhibition, and the 2016-2019 BUGAIK Exhibition of the Busan Branch of the Korean Architecture Association.

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